Joshua Doyle Responds To ‘Why I Quit Writing For College Times’

In  the interests of fairness, I am linking to a response to ‘Why I Quit Writing For College Times’ that Joshua Doyle published on his tumblr page. I only just became aware of it, sorry for not putting this up sooner.


I don’t want to get involved in a mudslinging war with this guy, I really don’t. I obviously have a lot of issues with what he has written here, but it’s his blog, he can say what he wants. I would just like to add one small thing- the day he published this piece, he did contact me on facebook, and ask to meet.

He was very cagey in the conversation, and I felt unsure about the situation, so I said I would meet him only if he gave me a straight answer about why he didn’t attempt to apologize until after Greta let him go. He refused to do so, and so the meeting fell through. Joshua, I have no doubt that you will read this post, so when you do- be aware that that offer is still open. If you want to sort out our differences, then explain yourself and I will be more than happy to put the contents of that conversation up here. That decision is still up to you.

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