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All I Want For Christmas

It will surprise absolutely nobody that Christmas is my favourite time of year. I know religion is problematic, and everyone gets the ‘flu, and ther’s a pretty high chance that you’ll hoop yourself in Temple Bar in front of a gang of Cool Teens who will laugh at you for hours and hours, but fuck it, it’s also a holiday pretty much dedicated to being rad to each other while eating as many biscuits as you ohysically can, and who is against that? I legitimately think that if athiests spent as much time findng reasons to deliver chocolate to each other as christians do, the country would be totally secular right now. Dawkins just can’t compete with a tin of Heroes, and how could he? He’d look shit wrapped in foil.


ANYWAY, I have been pretty mush SWAMPED by people asking me what I want for Christmas this year [I haven’t]. Total strangers have [not] been calling me at all hours of the night, asking ‘which is my favourite kind of plaid, red and black or black and red?’,  ‘Do I own a soldering iron?’ or ‘How did I get this number??’


Well, don’t worry, you guys. I got your back. Because there is one thing that I would love to get for this Christmas, and I would put money on it that you know someone else who’d love it, too. Any of you guys out there find yourselves getting righteously angry, but unfortunately have dumb jobs that mean you can’t get to protests? That is pretty much the bane of my life right now. I miss all the yelling. But luckily for me, the amazing people at TENI have my back yet again. They have thought of a rad way to combine their activism with their desire to exist in January, and remember, it is that tight for those guys. TENI are without funding, they are like a little match girl standing outside the Dail running out of matches. Since TENI are pretty much the frontline, go – to Trans* group in this country for everything, I think we can all agree that it would fully blow if they ran out of matches.

So this year, why not be rad to them, as well as to your other activism friends? Introducing the TENI Christmas giftpack- it comes with a T- shirt, wristband, a years membership and- for a tenner extra- a really rad book about Trans* people in Ireland [I’ve read it, it’s great]. Think of of as adopting a transgender polar bear, except instead of pictures of the jaysus thing you get a T- shirt you can wear to parties- High Fashion Parties.

Here’s the link to pick one up for you and/ or a loved one this Christmas:

There is a possibility you might even look this good in it:





Merry Christmas, everybody